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Autumn Tobacco JUUL 2 Pods

AED 110.00
Buy Autumn Tobacco JUUL 2 pods in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE Autumn Tobacco JUUL2 pods are perfect for those who enjoy the rich and robust flavor of tobacco with a hint of spices. These pods are designed for use with JUUL2 devices and offer a smooth and satisfying vaping experience that is perfect for fall.

Crisp Menthol Juul 2 Pods

AED 110.00
Crisp Menthol Juul 2 Pods in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,UAE Introducing the Crisp Menthol JUUL 2 Pods, designed to provide a refreshing and cool vaping experience. These pods are compatible with JUUL 2 devices and offer a smooth hit of menthol with a hint of peppermint. Each pack of JUUL 2 pods comes with four pods, each containing 1.0 ml of e-liquid, which provides approximately 200 puffs per pod.


AED 50.00
Black colored pure leather case to fit a JUUL device, along with 2 pockets, one for the charger and one for an extra flavor pod. Crafted for your JUUL device by Da Milano and Vape Stop collaboration. JUUL device and pods sold separately.

Dr VAPE Pink Panther Series 120ML E-LIQUID

AED 65.00AED 630.00
The Panthers have finally escaped from the Jungle and they have brought us a special juice with them straight to the clinic! This remedy is a Blackcurrant Soft Drink, juice blend with a hint of Cotton Candy. An all-time favorite for the Doctor! That makes it perfect for when you find the flavor your love and don’t want to have to keep stocking up. 70/30 VG/PG
The Panther Series of Dr-Vape is balanced and still dynamic, in order to fulfill your appetite for the Blue Slush finest taste. So hurry up limited stocks available visit our outlet or place your order online. Once the vapor is inhaled, crisp, smooth Granny Smiths hit the spot. Subtle tartness comes next, elating the palate and invigorating all five senses. Then, pure juiciness runs down the throat, just like the real thing.


AED 48.00AED 460.00
BC5000 Elf Bar Disposable vapes have swiftly become one of the most talked-about technologies in the vaping community! Elf Bar is constantly upgrading its taste profiles to go above and beyond what’s anticipated as a brand.
Each gadget is small, light, and easy to transport. Despite the device’s enormous 13mL e-juice reservoir, the ELF BAR 5000 PUFFS DISPOSABLE VAPE is still small enough to take anywhere!


AED 160.00
Taste: Rounded and roasted tobacco blend layered with nutty aroma notes.

Heets Terea Black Green from Indonesia

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Black Green is a revolutionary way to enjoy tobacco - intense menthol cooling sensation complemented by a mellow tobacco blend and highlighted with green fruit aromas. With no smoke or ash, you can enjoy a smoother and more satisfying tobacco experience every time. Heat-not-burn technology ensures harmful chemicals and tar are eliminated from your experience. Get your own IQOS TEREA Black Green today!

HEETS TEREA Black Yellow Menthol

AED 210.00
IQOS Terea Black Yellow Menthol IQOS Terea Black Yellow Menthol Heets is a limited edition menthol flavoured tobacco stick that

Heets Terea Blue Indonesian

AED 130.00
Experience an enjoyable smoking alternative with IQOS TEREA Blue (Indonesia). These sticks offer a unique blend of mellow tobacco with deep menthol cooling and peppermint and creamy aroma notes. Compatible with the IQOS ILUMA device, TEREA sticks provide a smoke-free and ash-free alternative to smoking.

HEETS TEREA Bold Regular

AED 210.00
This limited edition stick features a sleek, all-in-one design with a unique terracotta finish that will turn heads wherever you

Heets Terea Bright Wave Indonesian

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Bright Wave offers an extraordinary tobacco experience with deep menthol cooling sensations and green fruit and fresh aromas. Enjoy the same taste and satisfaction of smoking, but without the smoke and ash thanks to our heat-not-burn technology, which eliminates harmful chemicals and tar. Get a smoother, more enjoyable tobacco experience with IQOS TEREA Bright Wave!


AED 160.00
Taste: Rich and aromatic tobacco blend enriched with cocoa and dry fruit aroma notes.