HEETS are a prominent alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. Due to the associated no-tobacco-burn context, these tobacco sticks allow you to meet your nicotine needs in a healthier way. However, it is undeniable that to get quality smoking sessions, you must go for a reputed and trusted global HEETS manufacturer.

Experts at Vapezozo have identified Terea as a top-tier manufacturer of HEETS, and its product quality is unquestionable. This one-line statement is not effective at all in making you understand the exclusivities of Terea HEETS Dubai

Following this, we detail every important aspect of using this brand’s heatsticks. Let’s start.

Basics of Terea HEETS

First of all, Terea is an Indonesian-based tobacco product manufacturer. Its produced heatsticks are known as Terea HEETS, and the sticks’ trade-marked name is “TEREA SMARTCORE STICKS.” You must know that these heated tobacco sticks are specially designed for the IQOS ILUMA device only. Most importantly, this device uses induction heating technology, which is considered more efficient than the other brands HEETS-integrated HEATCONTROL technology.

Core Components of Terea Heatsticks

The following are the essential inclusions of these IQOS Terea heatsticks.

Heating Component

Each stick contains a metal heating element coated with fine-grade stainless steel. This heating component transfers heat from the ILUMA device’s heating unit to the tobacco roll in the stick.

Tobacco Diposite

There is a tobacco roll inside the stick. This tobacco is processed in the Terea laboratory to ensure the required level of nicotine delivery. Also, the tobacco blend contains flavoring agents and taste-enhancing substances. 

Sealing Component

Each IQOS Terea Dubai tobacco stick has a sealing component that restricts the tobacco residue in the heat device system. This sealing element is soft and porous.


To refine the nicotine output, each Terea stick has a filter. It ensures a smooth smoking session.

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Heets Terea Black Green from Indonesia

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Black Green is a revolutionary way to enjoy tobacco - intense menthol cooling sensation complemented by a mellow tobacco blend and highlighted with green fruit aromas. With no smoke or ash, you can enjoy a smoother and more satisfying tobacco experience every time. Heat-not-burn technology ensures harmful chemicals and tar are eliminated from your experience. Get your own IQOS TEREA Black Green today!

Heets Terea Blue Indonesian

AED 130.00
Experience an enjoyable smoking alternative with IQOS TEREA Blue (Indonesia). These sticks offer a unique blend of mellow tobacco with deep menthol cooling and peppermint and creamy aroma notes. Compatible with the IQOS ILUMA device, TEREA sticks provide a smoke-free and ash-free alternative to smoking.

Heets Terea Bright Wave Indonesian

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Bright Wave offers an extraordinary tobacco experience with deep menthol cooling sensations and green fruit and fresh aromas. Enjoy the same taste and satisfaction of smoking, but without the smoke and ash thanks to our heat-not-burn technology, which eliminates harmful chemicals and tar. Get a smoother, more enjoyable tobacco experience with IQOS TEREA Bright Wave!

Heets Terea Bronze Indonesian Version in Dubai

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Bronze (Indonesia) offers a luxurious and indulgent smoking experience. Enjoy a mellow and aromatic blend of tobacco, complemented by cocoa and dry fruit aroma notes. Heating, not burning technology ensures a cleaner and smoother smoking experience with every puff.

Heets Terea Dimensions Apricity

AED 130.00
Experience the full indulgence of IQOS TEREA Dimensions Apricity (Indonesia). Its carefully crafted blend of rich tobacco and subtle ripe stone fruit nuances, woody notes, and velvety creamy sensations provides a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Its advanced heating system also ensures a clean and efficient experience while preserving flavor.

Heets Terea Dimensions Yugen Indonesian

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Dimensions Yugen is the perfect device for a unique and satisfying smoking experience. Carefully crafted with a special blend of tobacco, ripe fruit and floral aromas, the device heats rather than burns resulting in a cleaner and smoother smoking. Enjoy the unique mix of sensations for a truly enjoyable experience.

Heets Terea Green Indonesian

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Green (Indonesia) is perfect for menthol cigarette fans. It provides a balanced menthol cooling sensation and a lightly toasted tobacco blend enriched with green minty aroma notes. Heating rather than burning tobacco provides a cleaner and smoother smoking experience with every puff.

Heets Terea Purple Wave Indonesian

AED 130.00
IQOS TEREA Purple Wave (Indonesia) is designed to deliver an unrivaled smoking experience. With its tobacco blend of menthol cooling sensations and dark forest fruit aroma nuances, it offers a refreshingly smooth taste and an indulgent aroma. The innovative heating system ensures an efficient and consistent smoking experience, offering a rich and satisfying flavor in every puff.

Must Know Features of Terea Smartcore Sticks

Vapezozo’s experts have found the below-listed features of HEETS Terea influential in attracting numerous smokers in Middle East countries, including Dubai, the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and so on.

No Ash

Dealing with the generated ashes is a critical problem with traditional smoking. Here, the generated ash not only makes the respective space dirty but also triggers cloth burn, firing incidents, etc. The Terea Sticks exclude all these issues by not orienting any single ash component.

No Tar and Smoke

Traditional cigarette burning generates tar and smoke. Tar is substantially unhealthy, and smoke makes the respective place uncomfortable. By smoking heatsticks of Terea, you exclude these two problematic issues.

Adequate Nicotine Delivery

Each HEETS from Terea Dubai offers 0.5mg of nicotine concentration. Our expert examination says this nicotine content is adequate enough for every level of vaper: bigger and heavier.  Most importantly, this offered nicotine hit assists smokers who want to give up traditional cigarette smoking and adopt healthier smoking habits like HEETS smoking.

Top-notch Heating Element

The integrated metal heating component of a Terea UAE stick is produced using advanced technology. This metal-based heating element is coated by SS. Here, the high-quality metal ensures consistent heating, and the stainless steel coating minimizes the heat spreading outside. So, you get consistent and continuous output while not feeling that much heat on your hand.

High-quality Sealing

The integrated sealing element in a stick is very high quality. This sealing element does not allow any tobacco residue to come in contact with the IQOS Terea UAE ILUMA heating-no-burn device’s respective surface.  In this way, each stick offers cleaner smoking using the heat device. This no-reside context saves you the time and effort required to clean the device frequently while offering an always-ready state of the device.

Greater Usability

With Terea tobacco sticks, you experience effortless smoking sessions. The process of using these heatsticks is straightforward and simple. You just need to insert a stick inside the ILUMA slot and press the device button to inhale. 

How to Use a Terea HEETS Dubai

Below are the stepwise guidelines for the use of these no-burn tobacco heatsticks. Step 01: Purchase the desired flavor of Terea HEETS and IQOS OLUMA heating device from a reputed seller in Dubai. Step 02: Remove the plastic paper coverings. Step 03: Take a Terea stick and insert it into the device’s slot. Step 04: Press the auto-start button on the ILUMA device. It will trigger the pre-heating condition of the tobacco. Step 05: Now, puff the stick using the integrated filter to inhale nicotine. Step 06: After finishing, dispose of the stick in the designated waste bit.

Must-consider Factors to Use the Heatsticks from Terea IQOS

The following are some of the most crucial concerns that you must consider in terms of using these HEETS.
  • Remember, these tobacco sticks are for one-time use only. Do not go for second-time use. The reignition of a used HEET won’t provide you with a satisfactory smoking experience. It is substantially harmful to health as well.
  • Each box of Terea Indeonisian HEETS contains 20 pcs of flavor-saturated sticks. So, it is better to purchase by evaluating your taste and suitability of the inhibited flavor. After purchase, if you find the flavor is unsuitable, your money will be wasted. We suggest you start with the original tobacco flavor to restrict this type of incident.
  • Before making the purchase, you must ensure that the pack contains the original Terea Indeonisian seal. Ensuring product originality is essential to get satisfactory outcomes.

Variants of Terea Tobacco Sticks Indonesian in Dubai

There are, in general, two varieties available to make your purchase of these heatsticks in Dubai or other Middle Eastern countries.

Variant #1: Based on Flavor Criterion

Terea Indonesian offers more than 9 flavors for the Heatsticks. You have the option to choose from Terea Indonesian Sienna for toasted tobacco, Green for menthol cooling, Bronz for original tobacco, Purple Wave for refreshing menthol cooling, etc. tastes.

Variant #2: Based on Count

Here, you also have two particular options. First, you can purchase a pack of Terea Heatsticks Indonesian containing 20 pcs sticks. Second, you can purchase one cartoon containing 10 packs; the total stick count is 200 in this case.

Why Purchase Terea HEETS from Vapezozo

  • At Vapezozo, you have the opportunity to get an unbeatable Terea HEETS price in Dubai and other Middle East countries.
  • You get authentic tobacco sticks containing the factory seal by Terea Indonesia.
  • Our payment process is transparent and diversified. You can make your payment via credit card, debit card, cash apps, cash, etc.
  • We deliver the product in Dubai very fast (within 1-3 hours) and carefully.
  • Vapezozo’s support team is functional and capable of providing insightful information.

People Also Ask

Is Terea HEETS use complicated?

No, the use of Terea Heatstick is straightforward and easy. All you need is to insert the stick inside the designated slot of the IQOS ILUMA device and press the button 1 -2 seconds earlier before inhaling.

What is the approximate price of HEETS from Terea in Dubai?

The approximate price of these HEETS in Dubai ranges from AED 130 to ADE 170, depending on the seller type. However, at Vapezozo, you can get a comparatively lower price.

How long does a Terea heatstick last?

It depends on your inhaling style and preference. However, a stick usually lasts 5-6 minutes, delivering 14-15 puffs.