HEETS are the most lucrative alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. The offered nicotine content is proven satisfactory. Here, the bonuses are the enriched taste and heavenly aroma. If you can ensure using high-quality HEETS, you will surely experience a dreamy smoking session.

We, Vapezozo, provide you with the best quality HEETS Dubai compatible with your IQOS, SKT, JOUZ, Lambda, and other heating devices. With us, you have access to numerous options for this smoking solution in terms of flavor, paper quality, tobacco quality, mixing formation, and so on. 

Here, we want to elaborate on this exclusive tobacco product to help you make an informed decision.


The following are the competitive advantages of using these tobacco sticks over cigarettes, vaping, etc.

  • The hosted nicotine level is less harmful than cigarettes but satisfies nicotine needs, which vaping or e-cigarette smoking cannot.
  • Due to the easier use process, You do not require time and effort to smoke HEETS sticks.
  • We find this smoking stick does not create any harsh feel in the smoker’s throat.
  • It excludes the orientation of foul odours like cigarettes.
  • You have no risk of encountering hazardous substances like tar, toluene, benzene, xylene, etc., in the tobacco content.

How to Smoke Tobacco Heatsticks

If you are new to smoking these heatsticks, we suggest following the steps below.

Step 01: Pre-arrangement

Purchase the main device first. You must ensure the device is contemporary and from a reputed brand like IQOS, JUOZ 20, etc. Also, purchase a pack of HEETS.

Step 02: Self-preparation to Start Smoking a Heatstick 

Read the user manual carefully before starting to use the device. Then, it is better to try the device without the purchased tobacco sticks. It will make you use-to with the heating device.

Step 03: Heating Device Setup

Now, check the device’s charging condition. In general, it comes in full-charge condition. However, if you see very little charge available, leave the device for charging using a pocket charger. The use of pocket chargers will increase the convenience of HEET smoking.

Step 04: Inserting a Heatstick

In this step, remove the heatstick’s slot cover. Then, insert the heatstick inside the designated slot.

Step 05: Start Smoking

Start inhaling. As you pull, the tobacco product’s thin foil between the tobacco disposition and cover paper will start to get heated. The generated 350-degree Celsius temperature will also trigger the vegetable glycerin, flavor agent, and other hosted elements. You will receive a mouthful of flavor-saturated puff.

Step 05: Finishing

Keep puffing until the stick is finished. We suggest you check how much charge is used for a single heatstick smoking. It will make your life easy knowing the charge requirement for smoking a single stick.

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AED 160.00
Taste: Rounded and roasted tobacco blend layered with nutty aroma notes.


AED 160.00
Taste: Rich and aromatic tobacco blend enriched with cocoa and dry fruit aroma notes.


AED 200.00
Taste: A delicate mix of spices and herbal notes accompanied with an underlying twist of fresh sensation.


AED 200.00
Taste: A rich tobacco blend coupled with subtle fruit nuances and woody notes complemented by velvety notes.


AED 200.00
Taste: A delightful combination of ripe fruit and floral aromas coupled with a mix of fresh sensations.      


AED 160.00
Taste: Rich and aromatic tobacco blend, infused with crisp menthol cooling sensations and indulged in dark forest fruit aroma nuances.


AED 160.00
Taste: Rounded and toasted tobacco blend matched with earthy nuances and subtle light tea aroma notes.


AED 160.00
Taste: Balanced, toasted tobacco blend gently refined with light aroma notes of spicy herbs.

Must-Know Features of HEETS Dubai

In this section, we detail the exclusive features of this nicotine-inhaling solution.

High-Quality Materials

By smoking HEETS, you actually incorporate the future of smoking in a more healthy way. The core reason for this is the consisting of high-quality materials like vegetable glycerin, rich tobacco, exclusive flavoring agents, polymer-film filter, functional tobacco plug, PLA crimped filter, etc. 

Exact Nicotine Concentration

All the Heatsticks from prominent brands maintain a highly suitable nicotine concentration in the composition. The present nicotine level is appropriate enough to feed your hunger for nicotine. On the other hand, the perfect proportion of nicotine does not harm your health like conventional cigarettes do.

Enriched Tobacco Use

The Heatsticks accommodate enriched tobacco. We must inform you that the used tobaccos are carefully selected and go through various advanced treatment processes to deliver smooth puffs. You must know that HEETS producers have some serious concerns in terms of the type and origin of the used tobacco.

Restricted Impact on Health

Unlike conventional cigarettes, HEETS Abu Dhabi is not subject to the burning of tobacco. Here, the sticks are heated at 300 to 350 degrees Celcius. Following this, it delivers approximately 90% less toxic elements. Moreover, the sticks are more healthy than vaping due to the lower amount of harmful substances’ orientation.

Deliver Joyful Smells

Every heat stick delivers pleasant smells. It is not only for the respective flavor but also for the accommodated enriched filter papers, tobacco, and so on. So, you can use these smokes without worrying about bothering others. You enjoy the opportunity to save money as the HEETS cigarettes price is not that high.

Factors You Must Consider to Use HEETS

We suggest you consider the factors below before even purchasing the sticks or the device.
  • First, check with your physician to know about any allergies in your body due to contact with the earlier-mentioned chemicals.
  • Second, choose flavor carefully, as each pack contains 200 pcs of sticks. So, inappropriate selection will lead to a waste of money. It is better to start with tobacco flavor only.
  • Third, you must not go for low-price products. Doing so may save you money, but you won’t get the desired experience. Also, purchase from a trusted HEETS online shop.
  • Furthermore, we strongly forbid you to reignite any heatstick. One pcs HEET is for one-time use only. Secondhand use triggers negative health impacts.
  • Finally, storing these modern tobacco sticks in a dry place is essential. The storing place must not exposed to direct sunlight.

Variants of Heatsticks for Purchase

There are three variants available to buy HEETS online UAE.
  • You can purchase one pack containing 20 sticks or one cartoon containing ten packs (200 sticks).
  • Also, you have the option to choose from various exclusive flavors like Green Zinc, Amber, Purple Wave, Tropical Swift, Tobacco, Nuts, Cocoa, Citrus, etc.
  • You have the option to go for HEETS depending on origins, like Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Japan, UAE, Russia, and so on.

Why Purchase HEETS Dubai from Vapezozo

If you are searching for answers to HEETS near me, this section is for you. Indeed, the market for heatsticks is crowded in Dubai, which makes this question subject critical. Here, we answer this question by informing you of Vapezozo’s superiorities.
  • We offer original products from only reputed tobacco stick manufacturers.
  • At Vapezozo, you receive the guarantee of unbeatable HEETS price UAE for your purchases.
  • You can place an order at our website and physical store. Also, you can go to buy HEETS online Dubai via phone.
  • Our payment process is diversified; you can pay via cash, card, PayPal, mobile money app, etc.
  • Your personal and financial information is 100% safe with us. We do not share your spending with any third party.
  • We do home delivery. You can get your product at your doorstep in Dubai within 1-3 hours.
  • At Vapezozo, you can also purchase heating devices like IQOS lluma, IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS Lid Solid 2.0, Lambda CC, Lambda T3, JOUZ 20, and many more. Vapezozo is the solution to an authorized IQOS store near me

People Also Ask

What is the best flavor for HEETS?

It depends on your preference and taste. However, if you are a beginner Heatstick user, we suggest you start with tobacco flavor and, with the passage of time, go for one or two particular flavors.

What is the nicotine concentration in heatsticks?

In general, you can choose from 0.2 mg to 0.5 mg of nicotine concentration in HEETS. Select as per your nicotine requirement.

Which are the top brands for HEETS?

There are various exclusive brands that manufacture HEETS. The must-mentions are IQOS, DELIA, TEREA, and SENTIA.